Jacksonville again welcomes each and every one of you, and would like for you to be part of the Seventy Eighth Annual Homecoming and Old Settler's Reunion.

In these hectic and troublesome times, it is only fitting that we break the monontony and routine of our daily lives by entering and becoming part of the carnival mood. Come and sing, listen to the concerts and clasp again in friendship the hands of those who have at some time or another been a part of our lives.

Welcome home, homecomers! Three days of events are for your benefit and pleasure. Come and visit your church, visit your friends and let us be thankful that we still maintain the traditions of our forefathers and pioneers in a land of the free.

Be merry, make yourself at home!

O.C. Brinkley, Mayor 1946

Latest News

  • Upcoming Fundraisers

    Old Settlers Reunion Chinese Auction
    July 12, 2015
    Doors Open 12:00 pm
    Drawings 2:00 pm
    Jacksonville Fire Department

    Upcoming Fundraisers

    Old Settlers Reunion Reverse Raffle
    Saturday August 1, 2015
    4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    at Jacksonville Eagles

    Donation $20
    No Refunds - Only 200 Tickets Sold
    Includes Hors D'ouevres - Free drinks to holder of ticket (Limit 5 Drinks)
    1st Ticket $25.00
    25th Ticket $50.00
    50th Ticket $50.00
    75th Ticket $50.00
    100th Ticket $50.00
    125th Ticket $50.00
    150th Ticket $50.00
    175th Ticket $50.00
    196th Ticket $50.00
    197th Ticket $100.00
    198th Ticket $150.00
    199th Ticket $200.00
    200th Ticket $1,000.00

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